Index Page ~ Strangely Different

Strangely Different

Time has moved on in Strangetown, with new residents moving in, and old ones moving away. Things are different, some considering them to be stranger than usual. Love blossomed, friendships grew and families came together. For the most part that is…

This small town has never been far from drama, but with the children all grown up, will the drama be passed onto generations to come, and what will the future have in store for this strange old town?


Prologue ~ Things are different now

Chapter 1 ~ Nothing stays the same

Chapter 2 ~ Pleasantly New

Chapter 3 ~ Parties for the partiers

Chapter 4 ~ Go, go, go

Chapter 5 ~ Llama’s Alive

Chapter 6 ~ Bella, is that you?

Chapter 7 ~ Can compare to you

Chapter 8 ~ Love is love

Chapter 9 ~ Call me, if you can

Chapter 10 ~ Special Flame

Chapter 11 ~ ?

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