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Strangely Different

Time has moved on in Strangetown, with new residents moving in, and old ones moving away. Things are different, some considering them to be stranger than usual. Love blossomed, friendships grew and families came together. For the most part that is…

This small town has never been far from drama, but with the children all grown up, will the drama be passed onto generations to come, and what will the future have in store for this strange old town?


Prologue ~ Things are different now

Chapter 1 ~ Nothing stays the same

Chapter 2 ~ Pleasantly New

Chapter 3 ~ Parties for the partiers

Chapter 4 ~ Go, go, go

Chapter 5 ~ Llama’s Alive

Chapter 6 ~ Bella, is that you?

Chapter 7 ~ Can compare to you

Chapter 8 ~ Love is love

Chapter 9 ~ Call me, if you can

Chapter 10 ~ Special Flame

Chapter 11 ~ ?

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Chapter One

Chapter One

Nothing stays the same…

Johnny & The Smith’s

Johnny groaned as  the knock on his door sounding morning, his Mother’s soft voice calling for him to get up. Despite how much he did not want too, he soon slipped from the bed sheets, and made way to the bathroom.

He’d been searching for a new place for some time now, his parents nagging over the fact that he should get himself a house while the prices were low. He knew that, did they think he didn’t? It was just finding somewhere, besides, Ripp had given him the offer of staying with him and Tank if he couldn’t find somewhere.

Descending downstairs, he took a seat at the table, tucking into breakfast. “Are you going to look again today?” Jenny asked, taking a seat at the table. Johnny could not help but sigh, “Yes, Mum, I am” he answered, trying to be polite as possible. “Good, you’re father won’t be happy if you don’t, you know how he can be” she replied to him as she tucked into her own meal.

After breakfast, Johnny finished getting ready and was soon out of the door. He was old enough now, too old to be living with his parents, despite how much their nagging annoyed him, he had to admit they were right.


Ripp & Tank

Ripp smirked as he headed from the bedroom, his eyes glancing at Tank who was eating breakfast. “Morning my brotha!” he called out, laughing softly as he searched the fridge.

Tank however, was not as enthusiastic in the mornings, “Please, stop shouting. But, morning..anyway” he replied, with a slightly defensive tone. He’d been trying to keep his anger bottled up, he wanted to be a new person, and Ripp had helped him with that.

Ripp took a seat at the table, “You enjoy yourself last night?” he asked as he started to eat. To which, Tank nodded, “I did, thanks, you didn’t have to throw a party though” he laughed softly as he stood to clean his dishes.

Ripp smiled, “I did! Not every day you celebrate a birthday now is it?” he replied. Tank silently agreed, with a smile, as he washed up his pots and turned to face Ripp.

“I did see you getting cosy with a few people might I add!” teased Ripp as he stood as well – leaving his bowl on the table. Tank gritted his teeth, folding his arms in the process, “shut up” he mumbled.

Ripp’s eyes widened a little, “No, I didn’t mean it like that! It’s good, I am glad to see you getting out there!” he smiled again – which made Tank smile a little too. “So, you really aren’t bothered by it, it’s just-“

Ripp stopped him before he could continued, “Dude, I’m not Dad” he informed. The hatred of his father could be felt in the tone of his voice, and the stiffening of his muscles.

Ripp gave another smirk, which was unexpected, but Tank continued to stand there. “Well, I have some guests to get back to, you have a good day!” he replied turning to head off.

“I will” Tank replied, heading towards Ripp’s dirty dish.

Reaching closer to the door, Ripp stopped and turned, Tank looked in his direction.

“Nice to see you batting for another team!” Ripp said with a wink, which caused Tank to roll his eyes, “Oh, fuck you!” he called after him.


Chloe, Kristen & The Anderson Brothers

Callum sighed and took a seat on the couch, sipping on his steaming drink, his eyes lingered on the window. To which he spotted Kristen heading inside, to which she entered and sat beside him.

“Morning!” she said as she settled into the couch. Callum gave a cheerful smile back, and replied with “Good morning”. A moment of silence lingered, until Kristen started speaking once more mostly about sports. Which, if Callum was honest, he was not interested in.

The pair heard the door open once more, to which Nicholas entered the room, “Cal, could I talk to Kristen alone please?” he asked, to which his Brother nodded “that’s fine, I have to get ready anyway” he answered as he headed upstairs after passing his cup to Kristen.

Nicholas followed Kristen to the kitchen, “what do you want to talk about?” she asked, with a smile. As she said it, he could feel the nerves building up inside, pushing onto him. “I wonder, if, would like to go out with me again tonight?” he questioned. “Ripp is throwing another party, and I wondered if you would like to go with me…” he asked.

Kristen bite her lip, and gave a reply, “I’m sorry, but I can’t tonight, Nicholas. I…umm..have a lot of work to do” she said, hoping her lie would pass with him. “Oh, right, okay. Maybe another night?”

Kristen nodded, “yeah, some other time” she said with a smile. She liked him, she did, but the age difference freaked her out a little – okay, maybe that was a lie. But she was freaked out, he would be her first boyfriend if things progressed, her first woohoo, everything. Maybe that was what scared her, what he would think of that…

Looking up, she watched him headed to the door. “I’ll see you later” he replied, in his same cheerful tone. Kristen nodded and the three words she thought slipped out, “I hope so..”



Ophelia wandered from her aunt’s house, looking back at the building she once called a home. Despite its spooky aroma, she knew she would miss it, but she would not forget the memories she had made her.

Taking some steps away, she looked around the garden, she knew the building would not be lived in again. The graveyard and creepy witch-like lair, would probably scare of most. But she was happy about that, she couldn’t see anyone else living here.

Moving along, she headed out of the gate, her eyes scanning everything. This was it. This was the move.



Circe sighed as she made her way into the living room, and slumped down onto the couch. She could not believe she had let this happen! Well, she could not be to blame, Loki should have been keeping an eye on him. She had research to do, and a lot of it, so many things to prove. Now those bloody brothers were ahead of her!

Circe sighed, she knew he was stood there, “Loki, if you’re coming in, do so. Or go away” she demanded not moving to look at him.

Loki sighed lightly, as he made way into the room, taking a seat. “Dear, you have to know I am sorry, I would never do something like this to you on purpose. You are the love of my life, remember!” he pleaded. Circe gave a shrug and confused look.

“You have a good way of showing it” she said, returning fire. “You want to help fix the mistakes?” she questioned.

“Of course, my dear. I would do anything for you!” he said, despite the fact he knew deep down he would not. He would do something’s for this woman, he loved her and had married her, it would not be right too.

“Good” she answered, which confused Loki.

But before he could answer, she butted in once more, “get me a new subject” she replied, her features giving off an happy vibe – but he knew it was not happiness, simply enjoyment.


Thompson Siblings

Elle smiled sitting down beside Jared on the couch, “Morning you!” she said with a smile. He smiled back, just as bright, “Morning!”

“You looked like you were enjoying yourself last night, at the party” she stated, her eyes moving from the TV back to Jared – who was blushing slightly. “Maybe that is because I was!” he replied, in a teasing manner.

“Of all people though, I did not expect him, did you?” she asked, laughing a little. “I know, I didn’t but, I am glad..he’s hot!” Jared replied with a soft laugh, before his attention went back to the TV – some celebrity survival show had come on.

Jenna glanced at the TV, seeing a woman attack another, before turning to Jared. But before she could speak, the doorbell rang, “do you think this is lover boy now?” she teased laughing as she stood.

“Shut up, you can’t speak!” he laughed, peering towards the door a little, hoping it was.

Jenna headed towards the door, her mind going over who it could be. Looking up, she froze, staring at the door.


“Hey sis, I’m here!” Christian shouted, beaming at her.

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Things are different now…

Strangetown had always been different. It’s history gave it the eccentric charm, as it was, telling tales of mythical creatures, and extraordinary alien beings that roamed the deserts. Sims everywhere felt enchanted by them, but knew them not to be true. How could such a creature live?

How would vampires hide from the sun? A green alien hide from communities?

But they soon found themselves wrong…

When the aliens were discovered

Living among sims, in small communities, not hiding, not feeling fear. They just lived.

People embraced it…

The World changed

It accepted them.

Most lived simple lives, wanting to continue that way…

Some, however, made great fortunes

Using their knowledge and talents to build strong careers…

But, it did not stop the hate coming…

Some feared what they did not understand, feared lies that had been made up…

But as they say you can’t impress everyone…

It was not just the aliens though…

Who lived their lives happily…

Who made the town what it was…

This town, was built up by everyone…

Both sims and aliens put in the same amount of time and work in, and together they made;


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